Cow Command

Terms and Conditions

Last updated 22 January 2011.

  1. All users of this online store management system must comply to the terms and conditions set out in this document.
  2. The terms and conditions in this document are subject to change without notice at any time.
  3. Online store owners are responsible for all content resident in their online store. Cow Command is not liable for errors in pricing or content of products, including product details which may affect a sale.
  4. Online store owners are responsible for sales made, and appropriate fulfilment of sales.
  5. Online store owners are subject to all applicable items in the Fair Trading Act or similar entity, from their respective locality.
  6. Online store owners shall not knowingly present false information, or information which could be damaging in any way to another party or entity.
  7. Online store owners are responsible for all user generated content on their website, including forum posts, product reviews and article comments.
  8. Online store owners shall not blame lack of sales for their online store due to the Cow Command System.
  9. Online store owners shall not blame lack of search engine rank due to the Cow Command system, and must acknowledge search engine rank is a result of appropriate online marketing, rich site content, generation of site interest, and inbound links.
  10. Online store owners must acknowledge that search engine rank may change at any time according to the search provider's algorithm, and also due to the online store's behaviour if black hat optimisation techniques are used. A drop in search engine ranking cannot be attributed to the Cow Command system.
  11. Online store owners must acknowledge that running an online store, like any business, is a calculated risk. Lack of sales cannot be blamed on the Cow Command system in any way.
  12. Online store owners are responsible for marketing their sites appropriately, and providing interest in the form of interaction, content, and customer service.
  13. Merchant Bank account holders and store owners using payment gateways such as PayPal must pass on all relevant technical information (including but not limited to updates, briefings, scheduled maintenance information, security bulletins and system changes) to Cow Command in a timely manner to ensure the smooth operation of checkout to the online store. Cow Command cannot be held responsible for lack of sales as a result of such important being witheld.
  14. Failure to pay all fees as agreed on store setup within the required terms could result in store shutdown for involved users.
  15. Content such as marketing collateral, logos, photography and copy must be provided in a timely manner. Delay of such content from online store owners shall not be used as reason to withhold payment of fees due.
  16. Fees are subject to change without prior notification.
  17. The Cow Command system is hosted on a high performance, high availablity platform. In the unlikely event that the Cow Command platform is unavailable due to technical reasons (server, data centre, or similar), Cow Command staff will do everything possible within their power to ensure services are restored in an efficient manner. In such unlikely circumstances, Cow Command is not liable for any loss of sales or income that otherwise would have occured during such downtime.
  18. Cow Command will not be responsible for troubleshooting individual user issues (e.g. faulty computing equipment, lost internet connection or similar) not in the control of Cow Command staff.
  19. Cow Command is not responsible for the failure or unavailability of third party components integrated into the system. This includes payment gateways, banking services, third party freight calculations, and APIs.
  20. Cow Command is not responsible for the inappropriate mishandling of data, including user account data, customer data, and non compliance to SPAM acts.
  21. Users of the Cow Command system are expected to use modern internet browsers and computing equipment to get full benefits out of the platform. Should an aspect of the system not work for a user due to outdated hardware or software used by that user, Cow Command staff will strongly recommend the user upgrade their equipment and will not support older browsers to a point determined by Cow Command staff.
  22. All users of the Cow Command system must report any issues immediately. Cow Command cannot be held liable for failure to pass on vital information about store issues in a timely manner.
  23. All store data including orders and customers and product data, content and page designs are the property of the online store owner. The Cow Command system including source code, database structure, administration panel and content management system remain the property of Cow Command Pty Ltd. The Cow Command system is licensed and leased to a store owner or reseller while required fees are paid and up to date.
  24. Content files can be accessed through the Cow Command system. No users have need of accessing files through file transfer protocol (FTP) means, which is intentionally locked off to improve system security and protect the system's integrity and intellectual property.